Dr. Jill’s Small Metatarsal / Neuroma Pads 1/4″


Metatarsal Pads – 1/4″ Skived Premium Felt
Pad & Protect the Ball-of-the-Foot
Comfortably fits under your foot
Adhesive back to keep it from shifting
Each Pads Measures Approx. 2″ x 1.5″

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A perfectly sized tear-drop shaped pad designed to relieve foot pain associated with Morton’s neuroma. When properly placed, the pad will spread the bones at the base of the toes to relieve the pinching on the nerve. One size fits all. Self-adhesive backing so the pad stays securely in place. These felt neuroma pads are approximately 1.5 inches at their widest and 2 inches in length. 1/4 inch thickness.

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